Men are more likely to ask for divorce if their wives get sick

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Major life changes are one of the big reasons that people find themselves facing divorce. These changes can put stress on their relationship. They can also serve as the catalyst for couples that are already in an unhappy relationship to seek a divorce that may or may not otherwise have been necessary.

One influencing factor that has been connected to higher odds of divorce is serious illness. However, there have been interesting studies on this subject that indicate that there are some significant gender differences in how these scenarios play out in heterosexual marriages.

What one recent study indicates

Essentially, what studies have found is that divorce odds stay roughly the same when husbands are the ones who come down with a serious illness. Their wives are no more or less likely to file for divorce. However, when women come down with serious diseases, their husbands are more likely to ask for a divorce.

One recent study on this subject was conducted by Purdue University and Iowa State University. Researchers looked at 2,701 different marriages to see how diseases had impacted them. The main diseases that they considered were strokes, lung disease, heart problems and cancer.

Sources of support

Why is it that men are more likely to file for divorce? Some reports have claimed that it may be that men see their wives as their only source of support, while women tend to have exterior sources of support, as well. They may be closer to extended family members or friends.

The report also claims that it is more likely that men can get remarried after getting divorced, whereas this is less likely for women. They speculated that this means men are more likely to leave a marriage that has become difficult – as they try to care for an ailing wife – because they believe they can simply start up another relationship. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more dedicated to the relationship that they are already in.

Are you getting divorced?

It is clear that a diagnosis of a serious condition can impact people’s relationships, and the statistics bear that out under certain circumstances. Those who are getting divorced need to understand the legal options at their disposal and seeking legal guidance is the most efficient way to obtain accurate information on that score.