Simple And Complex Estate Administration

To ensure that their property passes to their heirs in the manner in which they choose, many people create a will. When there is no estate plan, however, estate administration becomes more complicated. At Alice G. Pinderhughes, P.A. Attorney At Law, our lawyer has seen what happens when there is no estate plan in place.

Attorney Alice G. Pinderhughes can assist your family with complex and simple estate administration for small and large or estates in Maryland. She has experience in related areas of law, such as family law, real estate law and business law.

Handling Contested And Uncontested Estates

During estate administration, the personal representative must file the necessary documents, gather assets, pay debts and divide the estate. Ms. Pinderhughes can assist your family with estate administration, including small and large estates as well as those with or without wills. When a person dies without leaving a will, the estate administration is more complex. Our estate administration attorney has experience with such cases, including those that require litigation in Orphans’ Court.

In addition, Ms. Pinderhughes can help you if disputes arise. Will disputes can occur between heirs and family members who were not included in the decedent’s will. This can happen in any family, but it is especially common when children, stepchildren and a former spouse are involved.

Estate and will disputes can also occur if a personal representative breaches their fiduciary duty. This may include issues such as:

  • The mismanagement of assets or misappropriation of them from the estate
  • Fraud or undue influence
  • Improper asset distribution
  • Failure to provide information to the heirs

Ms. Pinderhughes has experience with contested estates and has litigated these cases.

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