Considerations For The Creation Or Revision Of A Will

The question, “Do I need a will?” typically gets an immediate answer such as the following from any lawyer or layperson whom you ask: “Yes, of course. Every adult should have one.” A more appropriate question for nearly anyone to ask ought to be, “What kind of will do I need?” or “When should I update my will?’

At Alice G. Pinderhughes, P.A. Attorney At Law, you have the opportunity to get answers to these questions from an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer with many accolades and a comprehensive view of estate planning.

Types Of Wills And The Best Times To Get Or Update Your Will

To kick-start your conversation with an estate planning attorney, some things to think about are detailed below.

A do-it-yourself will generated from sample documents available online may or may not be better than no will at all. We cannot recommend that you go this route, especially when your family’s wellbeing and/or the fate of your life savings is on the line.

A simple will is a fine place to start for a young adult without dependents or significant assets. If this describes you and you do not have a will, we suggest that you get in touch with a lawyer who will honor your wish to keep it uncomplicated.

A customized will is one of the best investments you can make if:

  • You have family members whom you care about, especially if they depend on your support in any way
  • You have favorite charities or other worthy causes on which you would like to make an impact after the end of your life
  • You have business partners or other interpersonal connections who might be financially or otherwise impacted by your death
  • You have a high-value or complex asset portfolio

An updated will can be important if:

  • You have moved to Maryland, from elsewhere and have not yet had your will revised to align with the laws of your new home territory.
  • Your family has changed in structure through marriage, divorce, births, deaths or name changes of intended beneficiaries.
  • Your financial big picture is different since you started a business or professional practice, made investments or went through other life changes that might make a difference for your estate and/or intended beneficiaries.

The scenarios described on this page are illustrative and may not match your goals or circumstances. To get a clear idea of how to get your estate plan in good shape, contact with an experienced attorney with a good reputation. Alice G. Pinderhughes is that kind of lawyer.

Request A Review Of Your Estate Plan

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