Resolve Disputes Cost-Effectively And Reasonably Through Mediation

It is understandable if you feel ready to fight for what is right in your family law case, an estate dispute, or a civil dispute. You may relish the idea of telling a court why your side of the story is right and the other party’s side is wrong. However, too many people live to regret taking cases to trial. It can be much more effective to settle a conflict privately and rationally through the mediation process.

At Alice G. Pinderhughes, P.A. Attorney At Law, you will find a trained mediator who understands the advantages of mediation. Attorney Pinderhughes will act as a mediator or she can represent you in mediation sessions led by another mediator.

Advantages Of Mediation For Dispute Resolution

If you go the route of mediation, you may discover these benefits as many people before you have done:

  • You and your legal opponent can set your own schedules. You will not have to follow a rigid, crowded court calendar.
  • As in a trial, both of you will be able to express reasons to support the outcome that you seek. However, the pressures of a courtroom will be eliminated, and you can focus on the issues at hand with less stress.
  • Private family or financial matters can remain private. The mediator’s experience can be an anchor you can hold onto as you proceed toward a resolution that both sides can live with.
  • With the mediator’s guidance, you and your opponent can bring in trustworthy experts as needed and consider the information they present together, rather than assembling dueling experts.
  • If your opponent is your child’s other parent or a family member in an estate dispute, the two of you stand a much greater chance of emerging from mediation with civility intact than would likely be the case after an acrimonious trial. The child whom you will co-parent depends on you to make good decisions. Mediation may be one of those.
  • In terms of costs, you are likely to find the mediation process much more affordable than a trial would be.

Naturally, the unique aspects of your case will help determine whether mediation will work for you. In frank consultation, attorney Pinderhughes will guide you to a wise decision or act as a mediator with your opponent to bring the two of you to a common understanding of the dispute resolution process that you will engage in together. Mediation may also be appropriate to resolve disputes other than family law disputes.

Discuss Mediation As A Way To Resolve The Decisions You Need To Make

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